Company obtains exclusive licensing rights for brand’s line of headwear and accessories

ROGERS, Ark. – Oct. 28, 2016 – Infinity Product Group (“IPG”) announced today it has obtained exclusive licensing rights to manufacture and distribute headwear, hair accessories, and cold weather accessories under the AVIA brand. This complements an already robust offering of branded and licensed IPG products.

AVIA is best known for revolutionizing footwear and developing the wicking technology commonly used in today’s active wear. AVIA products, from shoes- to active apparel- to accessories, are available at major retailers and online. Headwear and accessories are a large market in the active arena. Products under this exclusive agreement include everything from head warmers, gloves and scarves, to bows, headbands, and baseball caps.

IPG has nearly 20 years of experience in this space, having designed, developed, and sourced products for some of the world’s leading retailers and consumer product companies including: Miller Coors, Major League Baseball, Collegiate Licensing Company, GMC, Ford, and Nickelodeon to name a few.

IPG will maintain exclusive rights to produce AVIA headwear and accessories for multiple years. The first collection will arrive in stores and online by summer 2017.

According to Doug Keller, IPG President, “Active wear has become a lifestyle for many people, and IPG is very excited about launching this headwear and accessories portion of the assortment with AVIA.”

About Infinity Product Group
Infinity Product Group (“IPG”) is a leading manufacturer, merchandiser and marketer of innovative consumer products. IPG has over 15 years of experience designing, developing and sourcing high quality products for many of the world’s leading retailers and consumer product companies. With a stable of proprietary and licensed brands, robust in-house product development, design and sourcing expertise, sophisticated product management, warehousing and logistics capabilities, and broad sales distribution, IPG is uniquely positioned to bring successful consumer products to market.

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