Mascots are true symbols of team pride and spirit. Simply seeing a team mascot can evoke feelings of happiness, pride and comradery.  There is no denying that everyone loves their sports teams!  Now fans have a brand new way of showing their “love” of the game like never before. Whether you’re  looking for team paraphernalia or just looking for the perfect gift for the sports enthusiast, MascotWear® has all your needs covered.

MascotWear is a line of highly unique mascot-inspired apparel, accessories and other products.  Our line is comprised of high quality items including everything from fleece jumpers/outfits, kid’s sleepers, hoodies, mascot bath loofahs, patent pending Huggable Hooded Blankets and the “Loungimal” mascot-inspired lounge pillows!

MascotWear gear is available in your favorite  NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL or collegiate team!